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**NEW** Frontline Health Workers: Reducing the Burden of HIV/AIDS, Fact Sheet, April 2014

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Saving Lives on the Frontline — Eliminating Pediatric HIV and AIDS, Policy Brief, December 2012

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Columbia University and the Earth Institute Health Systems 20/20
One Million Community Health Workers: Technical Task Force Report
In response to widespread recognition of the need to scale up community health workers as a part of primary health systems in Sub-Saharan Africa, this technical report was prepared to consolidate scientific and implementation experience in a series of recommendations and guidelines. Development of this report was a collaborative effort with input from scientific experts, led by the Earth Institute at Columbia University in support of the UN objectives to achieve the MDGs.
Better Health Systems Briefs 2012
The Better Health Systems briefs explore Health System’s 20/20 strategies and tools, why they work, and how they contribute to better health systems. Collectively, the series will distill valuable lessons learned in an effort to share the project’s wisdom with our partners and colleagues.
Health Systems 20/20 IntraHealth International
Why Differentiating between Health System Support and Health System Strengthening is NeededWhy differentiating between health system
support and health system strengthening
is needed

“Supporting the health system can include any activity that improves services, from distributing mosquito nets to procuring medicines. These activities improve outcomes primarily by increasing inputs. Strengthening the health system is accomplished by more comprehensive changes to performance drivers such as policies and regulations, organizational structures, and relationships across the health system to motivate changes in behavior and/or allow more effective use of resources to improve multiple health services.”
Saving Lives, Ensuring a Legacy: A Health Workforce Strategy for the Global Health Initiative
This paper underscores how the U.S. Global Health Initiative (GHI) should deal with the health workforce crisis and how U.S. government policies have yet to be translated into a coherent strategy with clear goals, resource allocation, technical approach and indicators of progress.
IntraHealth International IntraHealth International
“I’m a Health Worker”
This video series highlights how we place health workers at the center of our efforts to address the global health workforce shortage. Our staff conducted quick,